How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner

As a beginner, it is very difficult to choose the best gaming laptop for yourself because you are not looking for an average laptop but you are looking for a gaming laptop that has beast performance and can easily run all of the heavy games very easily, but as a beginner, it is a very difficult task and requires a lot of research, But you don’t have to worry about that because we have researched and found the good specifications for the best gaming laptop.

How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner
How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop

Before going to buy a Gaming laptop for your self you have to look for the following specification to get the best gaming laptop.

GPU or Graphics card:

GPU is one of the most important components of gaming laptops and which makes gaming laptops different from other laptops nowadays all of the high-end games use GPU so you have to go for a good GPU that can easily run all the high-end games.

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 is the latest and the most powerful GPU which can easily run all of the high graphics games with high FPS without any lag. So a laptop with 4090 GPU will be the best and will easily run all of the future games easily.

GPU of gaming laptop

But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your gaming laptop and want low graphics in games then you also can watch out for laptops with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3050 it is not that bad for gaming but still not in the position to beat NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090

There is also another company that provides GPUs AMD and they have also the latest GPU which is Radeon RX 7900 which is also a good GPU for gaming but not good as NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090

Now it is your choice to choose the best one for yourself by keeping your budget in the mind but buying the one which I recommend to you above will be more than enough to run high graphics games.


RAM is the second most important component of gaming laptops because RAM is the temporary storage for all of the tasks and games and all of your tasks will boost due to the  RAM including games so the more RAM in your laptop the fastest your laptop will be.

RAM of gaming laptop

If you are going with a laptop that has NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 then 32 GB RAM is the best combo with it but still, most gamers also use 16 GB RAM for most of the games if you want a laptop that can run future coming games smoothly then go for 32 GB RAM.

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If you want a laptop only for gaming and want smooth gaming then buy one which has a minimum of 16 GB RAM, not below that otherwise your game will lag a lot.

CPU or Processor:

Another important component of the gaming laptop is the CPU because it provides instruction to all of the other components of the laptop to work the more powerful CPU of your laptop the faster your laptop will be, so go with the latest CPU which will easily open your gaming and will shorter your gaming loading time.

RAM of gaming laptop

Intel has the latest CPU which is the Intel Core i9 and has more cores than the previous Intel processors and is enough for the good loading of games and good laptop performance. If your budget is not high and happy with the slow performance of your laptop then you can also check out the Intel Core i7 which is not bad but still better than the Intel Core i5.

AMD also has the latest CPU which is AMD Ryzen 7000 which is also a good processor for fast gaming. Nowadays all of gamers are using AMD CPUs because they are cheaper than Intel CPUs.

Now it’s on you to choose the best one for your self but don’t buy a laptop with low CPU than Intel Core i5 because the games will take more time to load and also your laptop’s performance will be slow.


Storage is of two types. The first one is a Hard disk and the other one is an SSD. The hard drive is the storage that saves all of your files like games, movies, etc. An SSD is also like a Hard drive but it is faster than a Hard drive and your laptop will boot up very quickly and your games will also load quickly.

Storage of gaming laptop

Now you will think that a Hard drive or SSD is good for you but don’t worry about that because nowadays companies are manufacturing gaming laptops that have both of them.

Storage is important for gamers because nowadays all of the companies are making games that require more space like GTA online requires 95 GB storage.

A 1TB(1000 GB)  Hard disk with 128 GB of SSD is the best combo for all gamers and you should go for a laptop with a 1TB Hard drive and 128 GB of SSD if you want smooth gaming at high settings.  

How much Storage is best for you it’s on your budget but if you want smooth gaming then the 1TB Hard disk and 128 GB SSD are the best combos for every gamer.


As a gamer, it is more important to look for the best Display which has a good size, resolution as well as refresh rate. Which will make your gaming enjoyable.

If you want to enjoy every moment of your game then go with a laptop with a 15 to 17-inch display. A bigger display is important for gaming because you will clearly see the game environment.

Display of gaming laptop

When talking about the display its Resolution is also important so buy a gaming laptop that has at least a 1920 x 1080 display not less than that. Some gaming laptops also have 4k(3840 x 2160) Resolution which is best for gaming but it will cost you more. 

In the market, most gaming laptops have 1080p Resolution and 60Hz display which is more than enough for most gamers. Some laptops have more Resolution than that but it will cost you more and 1080p with 60Hz is best to enjoy playing games 

Some gaming laptops come with a touch screen but it is not good for gamers because it kills battery capacity and is not necessary for gaming so avoid a touch screen while buying a Gaming laptop.


In gaming laptops, a Keyboard is also important because in most of the games, you will use the inbuilt keyboard so go for a laptop with a good keyboard, The good your laptop keyboard the good your game will be.

Keyboard of gaming laptop

But for most gamers, the keyboard doesn’t matter because most of the gamers are using external keyboards that are either simple or mechanical, But if you are a gamer who wants to play games in every situation like traveling, school, etc then you should consider buying a laptop with a good keyboard.

Buy a laptop that has smooth keys so you won’t have to apply more force on that and you can enjoy playing the games without applying more force, Also remember that the laptop is multikey pressing it works while you press multiple keys at the same time.

Battery life:

If you want a laptop for gaming and you also want a great battery life then it is not possible because all the games require more power to play and you should plug in your laptop all the time to get good performance from the GPU.

Battery of gaming laptop

If you want a laptop with 8 to 12 hours of battery life then it is not a gaming laptop and about all gaming laptops last about 1 hour of battery. Battery life is increased in the dim light of the screen but you will not play games on a dime light.

Thus you don’t have to worry about battery life when buying a gaming laptop, since these laptops are used in high settings of games and have shorter battery life.

Some of the Best Gaming laptops brands:


Asus is known as the republic of gamers and it is the favorite company of all gamers. In Asus, RGB lighting is the favorite of gamers


Dell especially Alienware is an important company to gamers due to the thin and light gaming which is liked by most gamers.


The Acer is well known for its affordable hardware. They are very famous for their curved display, customized fan speed, and mechanical keyboard.


Gigabyte is a famous gaming laptop brand and is well known for its multiple color options and RGB customization.


HP is famous for its classical design, altos of the customization of lights, good and high performance, and the look


Lenovo is a favorite of gamers who want good graphics in their games and is well known for the boost speed of its fans.


MSI is well known for the customization of its colors but its size is a little big than the normal laptop. And also is heavy than normal laptops,


Razer is also the favorite one of most gamers and is famous for its RGB lighting customization and other RGB light customization.

How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner
How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner


The last thing I want to tell you is that if you want a gaming laptop then don’t buy a laptop with a touch screen because it will not help you in gaming and also don’t go with a laptop with high battery power because most of the time your laptop will plug in and you will play games and gradually your laptop battery capacity will decrease and also a  laptop with more battery power is not the gaming laptop and will cost you a more.

Now I am pretty sure that you are well aware and know How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner and will select the best gaming laptop which has all of the above specifications, But still, if you have any type of questions about choosing the gaming laptop then feel free to comment I will be so happy to reply you. Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about How to Choose the Best Gaming laptop for yourself as a Beginner.

What should I consider when choosing a gaming laptop as a beginner?

As a beginner, you should consider the laptop’s processing power, graphics card, storage capacity, and overall build quality.

How much should I expect to spend on a good gaming laptop?

The cost of gaming laptops can vary greatly, with entry-level models starting at around $800 and high-end models costing upwards of $2,500.

Is a dedicated graphics card necessary for gaming?

A dedicated graphics card, also known as a GPU, is necessary for high-performance gaming. Integrated graphics cards may work for less demanding games, but a dedicated GPU will provide better performance.

What is the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop?

Gaming laptops have more powerful components, such as a more powerful CPU and GPU, as well as a larger cooling system to handle the increased heat generated by the powerful components.

How much storage do I need for gaming?

Storage capacity depends on how many games you want to store on your laptop and the size of those games. A minimum of 256GB of storage is recommended, but a 512GB or 1TB drive will provide more space for future games and other files.

Is a high refresh rate display important for gaming?

A high refresh rate display is important for gaming as it allows for smoother and more fluid visuals. A display with a refresh rate of at least 60Hz is recommended for gaming.

Is it better to get a laptop with a solid-state drive (SSD) or a hard disk drive (HDD)?

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are faster and more reliable than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) and will provide a better overall gaming experience.

How much RAM do I need for gaming?

A minimum of 8GB of RAM is recommended for gaming, but 16GB or more is ideal for a better gaming experience.

What kind of warranty should I look for when buying a gaming laptop?

Look for a laptop that has a warranty that covers at least one year of technical support and repairs.

Can I upgrade the components of a gaming laptop later on?

Some gaming laptops allow for the upgrade of certain components, such as the RAM or storage, but it’s best to check with the manufacturer or consult the laptop’s manual to determine what is upgradeable.

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